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This tutorial was designed by Dustin Atchley as a part of his senior thesis in Bioinformatics at Davidson College in collaboration with his advisors academic Laurie Heyer and Malcolm Campbell as well as The Jackson Laboratory. The goal of this tutorial is to provide a bridge between researchers interested in conducting RNA-Seq anaylsis and the highly computational (and sometimes obscure) methods and tools involved. It is our hope that you leave with more knowledge that you came with and that you have the basic skills needed to make use of this revolutionary technology in your own research. We will be using the Galaxy interface to help us bridge the gap. If you are unfamiliar with the Galaxy interface or just want to learn more, click here. Cheers!

Note: You will need an instance of Galaxy to use, and in our case we are using a private instance set up by The Jackson Lab, which houses tools not available on the public instance, which we acknowledge is a constraint. However, the public instance can be found at: https://usegalaxy.org

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